Terms & Conditions

Tax Charges apply for orders in Texas at a rate of 8.25%. All other orders are tax-free.

The acceptance of this document includes the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

In the event of the customer's official order forms containing special printed conditions, it is understood that such conditions are only binding in so far as they are not at variance with our terms and conditions. This acceptance includes only such goods, accessories and work as are specified here in. All drawings and specifications, dimensions, and weights provided by us are approximate unless otherwise stated. The goods supplied have been tested and are suitable as replacement parts; however, no responsibility is accepted for damage or consequential loss in respect of goods supplied.

References to other manufacturers do not imply any connection with them.

Any times quoted for dispatch are to date from receipt by us of written order to proceed and of all necessary information to enable us to put the work in hand. Times of dispatch are submitted without liability for delay, but every effort will be made to maintain them. No claim for loss in transit will be entertained unless we are advised within 15 days from the date of placing the order. Orders cannot be cancelled except with our consent and on terms which indemnify us against all loss.

All goods are sold as being satisfactory for the purpose for which they are required. If any item is incorrect or unsatisfactory, we will refund the purchase price if the goods are promptly returned to Press Parts, Inc. in the same condition as when dispatched. You are specifically required to examine the goods within 3 days of delivery and any complaint regarding faulty goods must be made in writing prior to the expiry of 7 days from the delivery and accompanied by samples to illustrate the fault. We shall have the option of replacing or crediting the value of goods in respect of which we accept a complaint and thereby terminate our liability. We cannot be held responsible for charges incurred by you in attempting to rectify or modify goods without our written agreement. The contract shall in all respects be construed and operated as an English contract and in conformity with US Law. All goods supplied by the seller to the buyer remain the property of the seller until the goods and services required to supply the goods have been paid in full. The goods are at the sole risk of the buyer, and in the event of same being destroyed or lost, after delivery, the seller will be entitled to payment in full for same. In the case of default, the buyer or his agent will allow the seller or his agent to enter the premises where the goods are kept and remove same. The buyer will be responsible to the seller for all costs incurred in reclaiming the goods. A hire charge at the current rate will apply for the period of the goods that were in the possession of the buyer.